Galaxy S10 mass production has reportedly begun

Samsung has reportedly begun mass production of its upcoming flagship smartphone. The timing of this report does make sense. The company is due to unveil the device on February 20. Pre-orders will most likely open immediately with the handset hitting shelves in under a fortnight.

The company is said to begun mass production of the lineup in South Korea. Global mass production at other facilities has reportedly begun as well. This will ensure that there’s ample supply on hand when the Galaxy S10 goes on sale.

Only 4G Galaxy S10 models being produced currently

Given all of the different variants that will be on offer, Samsung will be making quite a few of them. The Galaxy S10 series will have three core models – the Galaxy S10 E or Lite, Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+. There will also be a Galaxy S10 X with 5G which will be available in select markets.

The three core models will be available in different memory and storage variants going as far up as 1TB. So manufacturing all of these SKUs is not going to be an easy feat but Samsung is more than capable of doing it. According to local media reports, Samsung started mass production of the Galaxy S10 at its manufacturing facilities in Korea on January 25.

The source mentioned that only 4G models are being produced right now. Samsung will reportedly start production of the 5G model later. That makes sense since the 5G model doesn’t need to be produced in large quantities. It will only be released when carriers flip the switch on their networks in the first half of this year.

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