A tiny way One UI makes screenshot button combo more convenient

Here’s something for those who tend to take screenshots often on their Galaxy device: On Android Pie, you no longer need to press and hold the volume down and power buttons to take a screenshot. You can simply press both buttons together and immediately let go to take a screenshot. It’s great for us who take screenshots almost daily as part of our job description, and most likely for many of our readers as well.

One UI also makes the screenshot animation more pleasing, but that’s part of more visually attractive animations across the board on Android Pie. And yes, not having to hold down the volume and power buttons for taking a screenshot might seem like a tiny change for a dedicated article. But we’re deliberately trying to be impartial in our coverage of the new stuff the latest version of Android will bring to the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, and other Galaxy devices, and both minor and major changes play a role in improving the overall user experience.

What do you think about Android Pie not needing you to hold down the volume and power buttons for taking a screenshot?

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