Samsung’s foldable phone display might be branded Infinity-V

The Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) next month is expected to be the world’s first official look at the company’s mainstream foldable smartphone. Even if the device itself doesn’t make it, Samsung could show off a “detailed conceptual image” and highlight its features and user interface. And thanks to a trademark application, the possible branding for Samsung’s foldable phone display has been revealed.

Samsung Infinity-V could be a simple yet effective branding

Samsung Infinity-V

Samsung has recently applied to trademark the terms ‘Samsung Infinity-V’ under the category of smartphone displays. Now, we all know the company’s 18.5:9 displays are marketed as Infinity displays, so the possibility of the letter V being affixed to the existing term for the foldable phone seems high. The V could represent the foldable nature of the display, although Samsung is reportedly still deciding between two final designs for its foldable device.

Infinity-V also suggests that the foldable device will stick to the low-bezel design that has become commonplace in the smartphone industry. Samsung’s foldable phone is also said to have an external 4-inch display for quick access to notifications. With SDC set for the first week of November, we will probably learn more about what Infinity-V means and also whether it’s actually related to the foldable device.

Samsung Infinity-V

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