In pictures: Some Samsung apps in their Oreo vs Android Pie avatars

Samsung is working on a considerable user interface refresh with Android Pie. Leaked Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 Pie builds have revealed an updated card-based interface and a dark theme for Samsung’s new Experience 10 UX, and we can already try out some of those Samsung apps with the design changes Pie will introduce to Galaxy smartphones.

Android Pie will bring notable UI changes

The updated versions of some proprietary Samsung apps, such as Calculator, Samsung Notes, and Voice Recorder, offer a look at the design language Pie will bring to Galaxy phones. These are early builds, though, and these apps might change drastically by the time the official Pie update comes along. For example, the Calculator app has an all-black UI while the other apps don’t. Also, you cannot rollback to the Oreo versions of apps like Samsung Notes if you install the Pie versions, so it’s best not to try them out at this point.

If you do want to take the risk, we have the apps in our APK section for your downloading pleasure. If not, you can check out our comparison pictures below to see how the apps look in their Oreo and Pie avatars (Oreo version on the left, Pie version on the right in each image). Do let us know what you think of the look Samsung is going for with Android Pie.

Samsung Notes

Samsung Calculator

Samsung Voice Recorder

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