Galaxy P30 might not have an in-display fingerprint sensor

There’s been plenty of speculation and rumor mongering about when exactly Samsung will release a phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It hasn’t made its way into the flagship Galaxy phones yet, and recent rumors have suggested that Samsung will be bringing such a fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy P30 later this year. But a new rumor is now claiming that may not be the case.

Galaxy P30 features might not include in-display fingerprint sensor

The latest tidbit comes from Chinese leakster MMDDJ_, who has taken to Twitter to say there’s no in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy P30. The leakster also says that the P30 will have 6GB of RAM and the Galaxy P series phones will offer high-end hardware at a low price. The Galaxy A series, meanwhile, will reportedly continue to be all about the overall experience. It’s unclear if an in-display fingerprint is still on the cards for the Galaxy P30+. It’s possible Samsung will stick to a conventional fingerprint sensor for the non-Plus model, just like it has only equipped the Galaxy J6+ with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and not the Galaxy J4+.

That won’t mean the Galaxy P30 won’t still be a relatively high-end device. As we revealed exclusively today, the P30 will come in a 128GB storage flavor, pretty much like the new Galaxy A7. It will also have gradient color options. Samsung has already dipped its toes into the world of gradient colors with the Galaxy A9 Star, and offering the Galaxy P30 in similarly beautiful paint jobs should make it more visually attractive to consumers in China, where the P30 and P30+ are expected to debut.

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