Galaxy F foldable smartphone may not feature Gorilla Glass

According to a new report, the Galaxy F foldable smartphone may not have Gorilla Glass protection. Corning makes this special cover glass used for the protection of display panels. Samsung also uses Gorilla Glass on many of its other smartphones. The report suggests that the company’s much-awaited foldable smartphone may not use Gorilla Glass due to technological limitations.

Samsung has already said that it wants to launch the first proper foldable smartphone. However, it may not be released until next year. Samsung hasn’t confirmed what it will be called. The Galaxy F is what the company might end up calling it.

Galaxy F foldable smartphone to not have Gorilla Glass protection

The report points out that Samsung can’t use Gorilla Glass for the Galaxy F due to the former’s rigid nature. The strong glass wouldn’t allow the device to fold into half. Samsung will thus use a transparent polyimide supplied by Sumitomo Chemical of Japan. It would be less durable than Gorilla Glass but would allow the Galaxy F to retain its flexible form factor.

Foldable smartphones expected to gain popularity in the coming years. It’s thus no surprise that Corning has reportedly developed a flexible glass solution too. Samsung has reportedly decided against using that solution for the Galaxy F and will use Sumitomo’s polyimide instead.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone has already been the subject of many reports and leaks. Rumors about it have been circulating for years. The company confirmed only recently that it’s working on it. Samsung has also revealed that it will unveil the device at its developers’ conference this November.

It may not release the device in November, though. Galaxy F may not be released until early next year. Samsung apparently wants to unveil it early so that it can lay claim to the title of having made the world’s first proper foldable smartphone.


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