Silver Galaxy Note 9 might launch in these markets outside the US

Earlier this week, a leaked render revealed Samsung’s possible plans to launch a silver version of the Galaxy Note 9 in the United States. After a bit of digging around, we have learned that the silver Note 9 might launch in a number of other markets as well.

Galaxy Note 9 silver launch markets

There’s no guarantee that Samsung will actually launch the new color option in all of these markets, but if you have been holding out on picking up a Galaxy Note 9 and live in one of these countries, you may want to wait a bit longer so you have another color to choose from. Whether both 128GB and 512GB storage variants will be offered is also unclear at this point.

Take a look at the list of countries below.

  • ACR – Saudi Arabia
  • AFR – Kenya
  • ATO – Open Austria
  • AUT – Switzerland
  • BGL – Bulgaria
  • DBT – Germany
  • DKR – Kenya (Zain)
  • ECT – Nigeria
  • EUR – Greece
  • ILO – Israel
  • ITV – Italy
  • KOO – Korea
  • LUX – Luxembourg
  • NEE – Nordic countries
  • PEO – Peru
  • PHN – Netherlands
  • ROM – Romania
  • SEB – Baltic
  • SLK – Sri Lanka
  • TCE – Mexico (Telcel)
  • VDS – Sweden
  • XAC – Canada
  • XAR – Cellular south
  • XEF – France
  • XEH – Hungary
  • XEZ – Czech Republic
  • XFE – South Africa
  • XSK – Slovakia
  • ZTO – Brazil

Samsung is no stranger to releasing new color options exclusively in some markets after a flagship has gone on sale. But silver isn’t exactly a unique color, so it’s not surprising that it might not be as exclusive as, say, a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 (although a Note 9 in that shade would be awesome to have). Still, since the Galaxy Note 8 (or the Galaxy S9) wasn’t released in silver, fans of the color from previous Samsung flagships will likely be interested in seeing it make a comeback.

Would you be interested in buying the Galaxy Note 9 in silver?

Galaxy Note 9

  • Model: SM-N960F
  • Dimensions: Bar: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm
  • Display: 6.4 inch / 162.56 mm Super AMOLED Display
  • CPU: Exynos 9810
  • Camera: 12MP
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