Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy S9 might launch with these color options

Remember that violet/purple Galaxy S8 that made the rounds in the rumor mill but never made an official appearance? According to what we have been able to glean from our sources, Samsung could be bringing the purple color option for the Galaxy S9 next year, in addition to black, gold, and blue. We aren’t aware of the official color names, but we’re guessing the purple version could be something like the Deep Blue variant of the Galaxy Note 8.

A purple Galaxy S9, you say? We’re in, but only if…

… it’s a dark shade of purple (violet), instead of a color along the lines of the bright and shiny Coral Blue option that was introduced last year with the Note 7 (before ultimately making its way to the Galaxy S7 edge and the Galaxy S8). But it remains to be seen what the actual color will be, at least for the purple variant. The gold, black, and blue are likely to be the same as the paint jobs seen on the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is welcome to surprise us, and judging by the way the company is going about with its flagship phone colors, the Galaxy S9 will probably have a color to suit everyone’s preference.

Not that Samsung would be launching all color options in every market in the beginning, as dictated by tradition, and the front of every color variant will undoubtedly be all-black like it is on the S8 and Note 8. It’s also a tad disappointing that a red Galaxy S9 isn’t on the cards for the initial launch. As the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 has shown us, it’s a color choice that really brings out the beauty of the phone’s glass-heavy design, and consumers would no doubt welcome a red Galaxy S9 with open wallets arms.

As we always say, none of this information should be taken as fact until something substantial comes up. These color options for the Galaxy S9 wouldn’t be the least bit surprising, but it’s recommended to keep the proverbial grain of salt handy. After all, that violet Galaxy S8 never saw the light of day, despite pictures of the thing having made an appearance on the internet. There’s also a high chance this isn’t the final list of colors and options like Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver could be a part of the lineup; we will just have to wait and see.

What’s your take on the Galaxy S9 color choices?

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  • I prefer black it always looks good. But my dream color would be a neon orange to stand out. In combination with the black front it would look badass

  • It's very rare for Samsung to pick a colour that suits the majority and when they do it ends up in the wrong market. By the way, purple (or deep blue) has been around for yonks. Available more recently with the S8 series. Don't hold your breath for another variant.

  • I agree that black color is the coolest looking of them all but having said that, whatever color scheme they bring in, it should cover both front and back. I fail to understand this cost saving formula for a 800 $ phone of saving colors on front panels. And that's one of the reasons why black stands out being a uniformed colored body. It was never a case with Samsung before on s6 and s7 series where green and coral blue colors looked fabulous being both on front and back. It looks awkward to see black on front and gold etc on back as if its a 3rd party treatment not original..... I hope, my humble suggestion would be heard of somehow.......

    • The decision to go black on the front is simply to make that Infinity Display/design stand out, and while it's not good to see the color choices making no difference for real-life usage anymore, there's nothing else they could have done to achieve the "all-screen" look.

    • The reason I held out from going for colours other than black is because of coloured bezels. I was happy since S8 as Samsung made an awesome decision to keep black bezels on all colour option so picking an unconventional colour wouldn't hinder with my viewing experience. Just my humble opinion.

  • Kudos to Abhijeet M.??for posting an article during the weekend. As there's usually lack of posts in the weekend.