Samsung to form an advisory panel to enhance its foundry business

While Samsung is the largest memory chip maker in the world right now, its system-on-chip business is considered as relatively weaker. After the company spun off its semiconductor manufacturing arm from the System LSI division in May last year, it is striving hard to improve the business by forming an advisory panel. It is currently making chips for brands like AMD and Qualcomm.

According to a report from Business Korea, the advisory panel for Samsung’s Foundry business would consist of around ten members, and they’ll be organized before the end of this year. The panel members will conduct regular meetings to enhance the business. The global foundry market is expected to show an annual average growth rate of 7.8 percent until 2021.

Last year, TSMC had a 50.6 percent market share of the global foundry segment, while Samsung had a market share of just 7.9 percent. Samsung is trying to boost its market share by using 7nm and 8nm process technology for fabricating chipsets. The company brought the 10nm FinFET process for the first time last year, and it used the technology to make Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 chipsets this year.


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