Samsung may be thinking about spinning off its foundry business

Samsung has been working on a complex restructuring program for quite some time now. The company has been selling divisions that are weighing down its core businesses and has been taking additional steps to adopt a leaner corporate structure. A new report suggests that Samsung is thinking about reorganizing its foundry business that comes under the System LSI division to systematically grow this business. Samsung is reportedly planning to separate the design and manufacturing operations into the new business unit and spin it off to the fabless and foundry divisions.

Samsung’s System LSI division is basically made up of four core segments which include the system on chip team that develops mobile processors, the LSI development team which works on camera sensors and display driver chips, the foundry business team and the support team. It’s claimed that Samsung is thinking about forming the fabless division by bringing together the system on chip and LSI development teams and separating them from the foundry business.

This will enable Samsung to grow the business more systematically by separating its semiconductor design and manufacturing capabilities, at least in theory. Samsung has not yet commented on this report so there’s no confirmation about any of this just yet.


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