Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Nougat update arrives with version 7.1.1

It’s not surprising that the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Nougat update has been released. What’s surprising is that Samsung has bumped it straight up to Android version 7.1.1. The update has now started rolling out in several markets. It will soon be available in additional markets across the globe as well.

It hasn’t been long since it was reported that the 2015 Galaxy Tab A models will receive the Nougat update. That’s why it’s not surprising to see that the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Nougat update is rolling out. However, it’s surprising to see that the version number is Android 7.1.1.

This makes the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Samsung’s first device to jump from Android 6.0.1 straight to Android 7.1.1. All of the other devices that are on Nougat now were first upgraded to version 7.0. The only other device that’s running on Android 7.1.1 right now is the Galaxy Note 8 and it just came out like two weeks ago.

It’s likely that the devices that are currently on Android 7.0 will not be upgraded to Android 7.1.1. Devices like the Galaxy S8 will simply make the jump to Android 8.0 Oreo in a couple of months. Samsung is already developing Oreo for the Galaxy S8.

Don’t worry if your device is on Android 7.0. There’s isn’t much difference and Samsung already baked in most of the changes of version 7.1.1 into its version 7.0 release.

The Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Nougat update is already out in several countries across Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Hungary, Ireland and Germany. The update is available for download from our firmware section.

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