Galaxy Note 8 release date and pre-order freebies revealed

Samsung confirmed several weeks ago that it’s going to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23. The company hasn’t confirmed when it will start taking pre-orders for the device and when the Galaxy Note 8 will be released. It hasn’t even confirmed what freebies will be offered to customers who pre-order the new flagship.

Some new information has surfaced online today courtesy of Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks. The serial leakster claims that Samsung is going to start taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 from August 24. That will be the very next day after the unveiling.

As far as the pre-order incentives are concerned, Galaxy Note 8 customers in the US will have to choose between a 256GB microSD card + convertible wireless charger and Samsung’s Gear 360 camera. The pre-order gift for customers in Europe is said to be a DeX dock.

Samsung launched the convertible wireless charger earlier this year. It can turn into a pad or a stand depending on how the user likes their wireless charger to be set up. The Gear 360 (2017) was launched three months ago. This $229 360-degree camera has 8.4-megapixel image sensors and can record video in true 4K resolution.

Blass adds that the Galaxy Note 8 release date will be September 15. The first wave is likely going to be limited to launch markets that include South Korea, the United States and some countries in Europe.


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The pre-order freebies for the Note 8 appear to be less generous than the ones that were offered with the S8 pre-orders. At a minimum, all the choices for the EU and US customers should ALSO include a Gear VR headset and support.


EU/UK will get sweet F.A as usual


Samsung offered a free Gear VR with the S8. We don’t need the same freebies offered again. It’s good that this time we get to choose a 256GB SD card. The S8 offered only a 64GB. Plus carriers offer extra freebies as well.