Galaxy Note 7 class action lawsuit ruling will be appealed by customers

The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Samsung yesterday in a class action lawsuit filed by 1,900 customers of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea. They were seeking compensation for the troubles that they faced after the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled. They wanted the company to pay $822,000 as compensation.

The plaintiffs had argued that they were inconvenienced by Samsung’s decision to recall the Galaxy Note 7. They had to visit after-sales service centers multiple times in person for battery check-ups and exchanges. They made those visits at their own time and expense.

The court didn’t see it that way. It ruled that the claims of inconvenience weren’t justified. So a ruling in favor of Samsung was handed down. The company wasn’t ordered to pay any compensation to those customers.

Samsung can’t put this legal battle behind it just yet. The law firm representing those customers has confirmed that they’re going to appeal yesterday’s ruling. The lawyers and litigants will discuss details about the appeal in the coming days. They have to file the appeal within two weeks after the first ruling.

“We are planning to appeal the court’s decision,” confirmed an official from the Harvest Law Office, the firm that’s representing the Galaxy Note 7 customers in this lawsuit.


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Nice try! like we all haven’t had the inconvenience of a bug or faulty device.