Galaxy Note 8 design hinted in latest CAD image

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone is not due for a couple of months so the rumor mill is in full swing these days. We’re hearing new rumors and reports about the Galaxy Note 8 every other day and seeing new leaked images and renders that claim to offer us a glimpse of the new handset.

Take this new CAD image that has been posted online for example. It was tweeted by Slickwraps CEO Jonathan Endicott to inform the company’s fans that they’re working hard on creating skins for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. For those who are unaware, Slickwraps is a company that makes custom skins for smartphones.

It has long been believed that accessory manufacturers get access to some schematics or design materials that enable them to get their products ready for upcoming devices ahead of time. So it’s not that surprising to see Endicott and Co. working off of a CAD image for the Galaxy Note 8.

Speaking of the Galaxy Note 8, the design that we see in this CAD image is quite similar to the other design renders we’ve seen so far for the new handset. It seems to confirm a dual camera system for the Galaxy Note 8 as well, one that has endlessly been rumored for this handset.

It goes without saying that there will be better leaks in the days to come. We can reasonably expect to get a good look at the Galaxy Note 8 before Samsung officially unveils the handset in the last week of August.


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I find it hard to believe that Samsung sends out schematics to companies like this. If they do, I expect it is the last time Slickwraps will get it.


If you look closely.. you can see the rumoured dual camera setup.. and the heart rate sensor/flash.. but no fingerprint sensor.. this leak has me slightly excited


The fingerprint scanner is clearly there. Ugliest Note ever.