ZeniMax is now suing Samsung over the Gear VR headset

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We know that Samsung made the Gear VR in collaboration with VR firm Oculus. ZeniMax, a games company which successfully sued Facebook-owned Oculus, has now filed a lawsuit against Samsung over the Gear VR virtual reality headset. The lawsuit alleges that Samsung knowingly profited from Oculus’ VR technology, which was originally developed at ZeniMax.

Oculus executive John Carmack’s company id Software was acquired by ZeniMax in 2009. He was one of the driving forces behind Gear VR’s development. However, the lawsuit alleges that he owed much of his success with the VR headset as a part of team at ZeniMax. The Gear VR, however, comes with the ‘powered by Oculus’ branding.

ZeniMax’s lawsuit states that Samsung “continued to develop the Gear VR with full knowledge of ZeniMax’s allegations and without obtaining any right or permission from ZeniMax to use any of its copyrights or other confidential information.” ZeniMax’s lawsuit against Oculus ended with Oculus and its executives being penalised for patent infringement.

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