Tizen’s new features and user interface changes detailed


Last updated: May 16th, 2017 at 22:02 UTC+01:00

At the Tizen Developer Conference 2017 today, Samsung announced that the Tizen user interface will soon receive a makeover so that it feels more fresh and efficient than ever before. In keeping with that theme of making the UI look fresh and efficient, app icons will now be minimal and lighter but they will retain the Tizen OS signature with round icon patches.

New themes are incoming as well, they have been inspired from the global and Indian trends for colors. Samsung also confirmed that the 2D and flat icons in the theme style will arrive soon.

All icons and layouts have been redesigned to make them look and feel more modern. This breaks them away from the traditional design that was more spread out with all elements center aligned. The My Galaxy Stories feature will provide exciting content and beautiful wallpapers which will change automatically every third time the screen is turned on.

Users will soon be able to create separate profiles for SIM dependent apps and will be able to manage them on a single device. Additional features include the ability to share Tizen apps from Android or Tizen devices to another Tizen device as well as the option to enhance images taken using the front or back camera.

Voice interactions are coming to Tizen for the first time. No, Samsung hasn’t brought over Bixby just yet, but Tizen smartphones will be able to understand simple voice commands that will help users perform certain actions faster.

All this and more is included in the latest version of Tizen OS.


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