Report: Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature facial recognition

If the recent Galaxy S8-related reports and leaks are anything to go by, it’s almost confirmed that Samsung has shifted the fingerprint reader to the back of the smartphone.

Does Samsung want Galaxy S8 users to prefer the iris scanner over the fingerprint reader as their default authentication mechanism? No one knows for sure. However, a new report from the Korean Economic Daily states that Samsung is adding facial recognition feature along with the iris scanning mechanism to improve the reliability and speed of biometric authentication.

Due to some limits of iris scanning such as speed and accuracy, we have decided to add facial recognition to the Galaxy S8. With a face scanner, it will take less than 0.01 seconds to unlock the phone,” a Samsung official was quoted as saying to the publication. This decision comes amid speculations of Apple introducing facial recognition in its upcoming iPhone.

The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus would be unveiled on March 29 before its official launch sometime in mid-April. Samsung has reportedly set the sales goal for its upcoming flagship smartphones at the largest-ever 60 million units.


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3 months 16 days ago

I remember having facial recognition on my S3 a few years ago. Back then the technology was pretty cool but no one really cared much about it at all. Now, about 5 years later and Apple has finally reached the stage where their software and hardware is so advanced that they can include such an incredible feature in their upcoming “smartphone”!!! The media has also gone crazy over this “extremely advanced and entirely new” feature that Apple has “invented”, although Samsung and Android phones of the like have had the same feature for at least 5 years now.

3 months 16 days ago

Its unfortunately the story with everything. Wireless charging phones have been around for at least 5 years and I’ve yet to go into a coffee shop or pub, restaurant or library etc. where they have wireless charging support on their table tops or built in to their furniture.
We’re gonna have to wait for apple to finally implement wireless charging for places like Starbucks to introduce tables with it built in. it was the same with mobile payments, and now with face recognition.

3 months 16 days ago

I’m using Windows Hello to unlock my Surface Book and it’s great. If Samsung can produce something at par or better facial recognition then that would be a great feature.

3 months 16 days ago

Iris scanner was never meant to be opening your phone in the first place, Samsung wanted that feature to be security method when purchasing on-line, banking and whatnot, think they still working on it whereas face scanner is to open your phone.

3 months 16 days ago

Good for CIA :) :) :)

3 months 16 days ago

Still personally don’t think iris scanners are the fastest or most convenient method to unlock especially at night with low light or if you want to do a quick unlock from a table

3 months 16 days ago

the Iris scanner works BEST in lowlight/ no light. they’re several tests on YouTube that show this, and when a friend of mine had it, reiterated its really fast unlock both in light and in low light, especially in darkness.

3 months 16 days ago

The iris scanner in the Note 7 worked as good if not better with low light as the IR sensor dident get distracted by other light sources.

3 months 16 days ago

Why they removed it when Google’s worked like a charm is not understandable at all. Back in my Nexus 7 days with facial recognition it was not able to be fooled by photos and blink detection prevented people using it on your face while you were asleep.
It was great then, why they remove it?

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