Samsung files for U Flex trademark, possibly a new set of wireless Level earphones

It appears that Samsung has a new pair of wireless Level earphones in the pipeline. The company has filed a trademark application for the brand “U Flex” in the European Union. The trademark description mentions that the brand is meant to be used with “Earphones; Bluetooth earset; Wireless earset for mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers” leaving little to the imagination.

Samsung has already been selling the wireless Level U headset for quite some time now so it’s possible that this might be a new product in that lineup and might possibly be called the Samsung U Flex or U Flex Level. One can imagine that it might have support for Bluetooth 5.0 given that it’s the latest standard and the Galaxy S8 is also expected to be the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 support.

It remains to be seen when Samsung is going to introduce these new earphones, perhaps we’ll hear more about them at the Galaxy S8 event on March 29. Samsung is also expected to ship a pair of new wireless earphones with the Galaxy S8.


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