Partners reportedly impressed by the Galaxy S8 at Samsung’s MWC preview event

The Galaxy S8 received a favorable response from global partners after Samsung unveiled it to them during a series of exclusive briefings in the lobby of a hotel near the venue where Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain, last week, reveals The Korea Herald.

All that was preventing hotel guests and other MWC attendees from catching a glimpse of the South Korean company’s latest flagship was a temporary wall. Only those invited were able to enter the makeshift demonstration room and see a prototype of the device in all its glory.

Partners exiting the facility reportedly revealed to local press that what they saw was “very impressive,” but as you can imagine, in order to prevent any legal repercussions, they failed to provide answers to questions pertaining to the Galaxy S8’s features or specifications.

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Im impressed with fps location i will turn my phone around and look for fps to unlock my phone yay


No question nothing else matters on the Android platform in 2017. The S8 and S8Plus will easily sell 60 to 70 million handsets in 2017.

These are the best android handsets that will be on the market April 21st until the Note8 and NoteFold in September.

It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me since March 2011. Nothing beats Samsung they are Android and technology nothing else matters period.