The best features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 is Samsung’s latest Android tablet with a Super AMOLED display, and it brings some interesting new features that make it a far larger upgrade over the Galaxy Tab S2 than the latter was over the original Galaxy Tab S. Be it the four AKG-tuned loudspeakers or the HDR capable display, the Tab S3 has the makings of a flagship product that is designed to impress. We certainly liked what we saw during our hands-on time with the tablet, and here are what we think are the best features on offer.

Speakers tuned by AKG

This is no doubt the most notable feature, not just for the Galaxy Tab S3 but Samsung’s future smartphones as well. Samsung confirmed yesterday that it had started working with Harman before it decided to acquire the brand, and the first fruit of that partnership comes in the form of the Tab S3. Each of the four loudspeakers on the tablet has been tuned by AKG (which is an audio company owned by Harman, and therefore Samsung once the merger goes through).

As you can hear in this video, the sound from the Tab S3 is fuller and more immersive than what its predecessor could manage, and the audio output is likely to be even better in the confines of a consumer’s home, which is always a less noisy environment than an exhibition like the Mobile World Congress.

The best features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Super AMOLED display with HDR

Even in general, there is nothing better than Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology in the world of smartphone and tablet displays, and the Galaxy Tab S3 is geared towards an enhanced video viewing experience with its HDR capabilities. The Galaxy Note 7 was the first showcase for an HDR-enabled AMOLED display, and the 9.7-inch display on the Tab S3 is a bigger playground for videos with richer colors and improved contrast ratios. Yes, HDR videos aren’t exactly easy to come by, but with platforms like YouTube and Amazon Prime supporting HDR video, the collection is likely to grow as time goes by.

The best features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

S Pen

Do we even need to say anything here? The S Pen is the definitive stylus in the mobile industry, and Samsung is finally offering it on the Galaxy Tab S lineup. We should point out that this marks the first time the S Pen is being bundled on an “S” line of Samsung products, and who knows, maybe the Galaxy S8 will continue the trend later this year. But before we digress, let’s just say the S Pen makes for an attractive feature on the Galaxy Tab S3, especially since this is the same high-quality stylus that accompanied the Galaxy Note 7.

Premium design

The best features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

We’re not sure this will be seen as a positive by everyone, but the Galaxy Tab S3 is the most premium tablet built by Samsung yet. It’s got glass on the front and back and metal on the sides, just like Samsung’s flagship and recent mid-range smartphones. It feels great in the hands, and while the glass build can be slippery, it shouldn’t pose a huge problem as tablets aren’t usually operated on-the-go like a smartphone.

There is a lot to like on the Galaxy Tab S3, and Samsung has made it clear that the tablet market is still important for the company. Whether sales match the company’s ambitions is something that remains to be seen, especially since Samsung has priced the Tab S3 much higher (the Wi-Fi variant starts at 679 Euro) than previous devices in the lineup. It’s certainly got enough features to warrant the high price, however, and we think the Tab S3 is an amazing attempt from Samsung towards making the Android tablet more premium and desirable.

What do you think of the Galaxy Tab S3? Is there another feature you think warrants a place up in that list? Do let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to take a look at our hands-on experience with the tablet. For a comparison of the Tab S3’s specs with the Galaxy Tab S2 and the original Galaxy Tab S, go here and here.

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