Samsung is on the hunt for innovative startups

Samsung launched the Creative Square incubation program in April last year, the program nurtures innovative ideas from early-stage startups. It helps them in the development of their ideas as well as with market rollout within Samsung’s global platform. Startups that are part of Samsung’s incubation program receive funding for research and development, mentoring by experts and business cooperation.

Samsung is in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2017 and it’s highlighting some of the startups that are part of its incubation program such as Neowayz which has developed a Home Smart Pregnancy Total Solution Kit, a smart pet toy for dog exercise called Gomi and the chatbot buidling platform fluenty.

Early-stage startups looking for a helping hand should try getting in touch with Samsung and see if it has a place for them in its Creative Square. They can get in touch with the relevant department by sending an email at [email protected]


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So they’re buying innovation now?