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Gear VR controller receives Bluetooth certification

Less than two days after it was spotted at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in the United States, the Samsung-made Gear VR Controller (ET-YO324) has been granted Bluetooth certification; meaning it’s now passed all of the tests required to launch on the open market.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a great deal about the device. Recent leaks and rumors point towards it being a one-handed controller that’ll hit the shelves alongside the new Gear VR. If a sketch included in the FCC filing is anything to go by, there’s also a possibility it could sport a similar design to the PlayStation Move handset, though we doubt it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 07.56.35

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Gear VR, I hope then that it’ll support the original Gear VR too. It was beyond ridiculous that they stopped manufacturing the original controller, or even, never did though it was advertised. cost me £50 to get the compatible controller that worked properly and fully.