Samsung starts rolling out Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in Russia and India

After rolling out Android 7.0 to its current flagship smartphones in China, France, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, and the UK, Samsung has started the rollout of Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in Russia and India.

The Nougat OTA update for the Galaxy S7 (with build number G930FXXU1DQAZ) has a file size of 1285.64MB. The Android 7.0 update for the Galaxy S7 edge, which has a file size of 1290.74MB, flaunts the build number G935FXXU1DQAZ.

The update brings Android 7.0 along with various other improvements in user experience, UI design, improved Always On Display, Samsung Pass, and many other new features. You can know more about all the new Android 7.0 features by reading our comprehensive list.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Android 7.0 Nougat Update India


Thanks for the tip, Sumit Sahoo!

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3 days 8 hours ago

Good day but when you release the aggionamento for galaxy s7 no brand in Italy had been told that started from 20.02.2017 and still not get anything you hypocrites just !!!!!!

Chanchhaya ny
4 days 4 hours ago

When possible for Cambodia?

6 days 4 hours ago

When will arrive for S7 dual sim in KSA?

4 days 5 hours ago

I also have G935FD KSA. It takes forever to update a KSA phone. So I am planning to update from here.
Is it better to install the india or russia nougat?

11 days 13 hours ago

Has anyone tried Samsung Pay with Nougat? Specifically in the US. Which firmware did you flash your phone with? Thanks

5 days 10 hours ago

I have it working on mm and now nougat for sm-g935f with XSA firnware

Kevin Borkloe
18 days 14 hours ago

When will the update rollout for Ukraine (SEK)?
Still waiting for nougat on my S7 edge……….

22 days 2 hours ago

When for Vietnam? I have 6 phones Samsung SM-G935FD.

23 days 6 hours ago

Does anyone knows whether Samsung pay works after flashing nougat via ODIN? Not just the Samsung pay icon/app.. But can really do payments? Thanks

5 days 10 hours ago

I have it working on mm and now nougat for sm-g935f with XSA firnware

23 days 7 hours ago

Does anyone knows whether Samsung pay works after flashing nougat via ODIN? Not just the Samsung pay icon/app.. But can really do payments? Thanks

23 days 7 hours ago

no update found in GM935w8 model, please help for update and also for VoLTE

24 days 20 hours ago

I was right or not about the first release Nougat in my earlier comment , why i have 4 votes minus, because i tell the true ??? this is the title from sammobile today 03/02/2017 : “Samsung has today started rolling out a rather unexpected OTA for the international variant of the Galaxy S7 edge. Unfortunately, the changelog doesn’t provide any indication of what the update — firmware version G935FXXU1DQAS — bundles, but seeing as it weighs in at a little over 15MB, we’re guessing that it’s packed full of bug fixes and stability improvements for the much-anticipated Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade that recently made its way to the device.”
So , new update will comming and this is android 4, 5, 6 or 7 , never can be perfect , after a lot of updates they became stable, it is a true, not a lie.

24 days 20 hours ago

Shame Samsung….shame….for non update software Nougat S7 edge Europa unlocked device!

28 days 5 hours ago

Anyone knows why Samsung has stopped deployment of Nougat to the rest of unlocked S7/Edge (G930F/G935F) in Europe?

28 days 13 hours ago

Stupid Acting Maltreating Southkorean Ultimate Nougat Globalization.
. . . . . . . S A M S U N G. . . . . . .

29 days 1 hour ago

Hi everyone, I’ve always had an iphone, but last year I decided to change the S7 edge because the device seemed much more interesting. I am living my first operating system update on Samsung and would like to know, Is it always like this? This whole incompetence to upgrade the OS?

28 days 19 hours ago

Nope, earlier updates were rolling in few countries simultaneously, not like now each 2 countries. And Yes incompetence looks like this whole time but for me it’s better, because if rom would have some bugs (probably still have) causing some usage phone problems, they can stop it for other countries.
Apple got twice if I remember correctly situations when their updates, brings some failures to phone usage, and it took time to repair it.

29 days 1 hour ago

For months there have been e.g. On the PixelC the Android 7.1.1. And what makes Samsung: it does not get a month-long go and then makes a week-long hype, if one or the other country is equipped with Android7. All the appointments are moving without end, the users of the current Samsung TOP model are waiting and can not use the new features.
It is a tragedy game …

Francesco Sarci
29 days 2 hours ago

Samsung after the failure of notes 7 is still doing a bad figure with the release of this update, all the other top of the range have already Nougat even those Chinese, sucks !!

29 days 14 hours ago

Disappointed how Samsung treat customers…only a few samsung users can enjoy Nougat updates

29 days 15 hours ago

When update for indonesian ?

30 days 3 seconds ago

Just updated my S7 edge Duos (SM-G935FD) with UK firmware for SM-G935F and so far everything works fine.

Salah Sobhy
23 days 2 hours ago

Can you assign different wallpapers for each SIM. I flashed UAE firmware for “SM-G935F” on my S7 edge Duos “SM-G935FD”. Everything works fine except that I cannot customize a wallpaper for each SIM as I used to do with Marshmallow.

28 days 4 hours ago

flashed also with UAE Firmware using ODIN.. Phone works perfectly and is much smoother and battery last longer! :)

1 month 3 hours ago

Netherlands are also updated (Vodafone).

30 days 13 hours ago

Then you probably have a german phone, as there is a german vodafone update for nougat – but not a dutch or belgic one yet.

Sunny sidhwan
1 month 22 hours ago

I have galaxy s7 UK varient. But now I’m using this in india.which one i should install. Or wait for indian nougat update. Please help me.

Agustin Zerbino
1 month 1 day ago

S7 edge Argentina.. we want Nougat!
We would have to agree and all the countries that do not have the update yet, do not use the s7 / s7edge and other samsung products for a few hours.
10! 10 days to send the OTA in 5 or 6 regions.. and we all buy the f#@king phone at the same price!
Samsung loves to f#$ck their consumers! Well.. f$#ck u too! My next phone will not be Samsung!! SAMSUCKS!!

30 days 5 hours ago

true they are even smart i was trying to download other region stock nougat rom guess what they have blocked that firmware so we can download it

1 month 21 hours ago

I stoped waiting the update, after almost 2 weeks. I made a decision, that my next phone will not be a Samsung. It’s sad that s7 edge is a good phone, nice design, etc, but services for a phone that cost 700$ are bad. At least iPhone is expensive too, but they have better services than samsung by far.

1 month 2 hours ago


1 month 1 day ago

Please upload indian firmware for edge varient (G935FXXU1DQAZ)

1 month 23 hours ago


tulips season
1 month 1 day ago

When update in iraq ??

1 month 1 day ago

I have a new zeland firmware on my s7 edge but i am now lives in india which update i have to wait india or newzeland

Sunny sidhwan
1 month 22 hours ago

I have same problem. I have UK varient and now lives in india.