Gear Auto Link brings Ford SYNC compatibility to the Gear S3, Gear S2, available Spring 2017

Samsung debuted Car Mode for Galaxy last year, an app that allows drivers with connected cars to access messages, navigation, and music hands-free. At last year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung partnered with SEAT and SAP to bring innovation to connected cars (such as the ability to make purchases without getting out of your vehicle). To continue its push into the connected car market, Samsung has partnered with Ford to bring a special service to Gear S3 and Gear S2 owners who have access to Ford’s SYNC service. The feature is called Gear Auto Link, and it lets you set parking reminders and wake-up alerts to keep you aware both inside and outside the car.

Gear Auto Link for Ford SYNC vehicles on the Gear S3/Gear S2 allows you to add parking information to your Gear smartwatch when your car is parked, such that you need not remember how to find it when returning to your car. You can add information about your Ford vehicle on your Gear smartwatch such as level, column, and other pertinent information. Upon returning to your car, the Gear smartwatch will retrieve your car’s coordinates via GPS and provide navigation instructions to help you get there quickly. You can simply set it and forget it, and let your Gear smartwatch do the rest.

Additionally, for drivers who tend to fall asleep at the wheel after a long day, the new Gear Auto Link program for Ford SYNC will let you set reminders to wake you up while on the road, for 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute intervals. Currently, there are only sound alerts, though future versions of the Gear Auto Link app will let you set vibration alarms.

The Gear Auto Link service will be available later this Spring.

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