Rumor: Samsung will release a flat variant of the Galaxy S8

For the past couple of years, Samsung has been launching two variants of its flagship Galaxy S series handsets. The Galaxy S6 has a flat display while the Galaxy S6 edge touts a dual-edge curved display. It’s a similar story with the Galaxy S7 and that’s how it was expected to be with the Galaxy S8 as well until a few months ago when rumors started circulating that perhaps Samsung would do away with the flat variant and launch the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with both featuring a dual-edge curved display.

That might not be the case anymore if the latest rumors that we’re hearing are believed. It’s said that Samsung is retaining the flat variant so we’re going to see the Galaxy S8 with a flat display as well. Of the two variants, the SM-G950 and SM-G955 are expected to feature the flat and dual-edge curved display respectively. There’s no final word as yet on the display size but recent rumors suggest that Samsung might go beyond the 6-inch mark for the SM-G955.

As always, take such rumors with a grain of salt. We’ve previously told you that Samsung has been testing several prototypes of its upcoming flagships which is why we’re seeing all kinds of contradictory reports and rumors about the device. Nothing is set in stone at this point in time. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 at an event in New York City this April.

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Neto Santos
5 months 20 days ago

I just think I should have implemented something like what Apple did. He put a home button capacitive, but with the appearance of the old button always, until the sound of the “click” it has. The way Apple implemented it was very show. Which should do the same, too. A capacitive man button off the screen, with force touch and the same look as the old home button, but without peeling this time. Much better than without button or button that peels out of nowhere. I think Note 7 and the most beautiful edge ..

Come show me s8 I’m waiting, sammys !!

Neto Santos
5 months 20 days ago


5 months 21 days ago

awesome :)

5 months 21 days ago

I do appreciate Apple for sticking with one design, when I go to Apple Store and ask for an iPhone 4, I get an iPhone 4 not an iPhone 3G with updated specs

Will the Galaxy S8 have an 16 nm variant aswell? or maybe an IPS screen at normal price? OLED variant shouldn’t start around $1000?..since OLED is more superior

5 months 21 days ago

Not everyone will want a curved screen….PERIOD!

5 months 21 days ago

They better!!! They will lose millions of potential buyers if they only introduce the Edge screen and not to mention without 3.5 mm jack!

5 months 21 days ago

They will lose thousands at most, the edge variant constantly exceeds expectations and outsells the flat variant. the Note7 being curved only was selling very well until its untimely death.

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