New report shows there are many Galaxy Note 7s still in use

Samsung’s exchange and refund program for the Galaxy Note 7 has entered the final stretch as the company recently mentioned that returns have exceeded 90 percent. It stopped producing and selling this handset about two months ago and has since been busy with getting people to return their units. It hasn’t exactly been easily and Samsung has had to offer them incentives and also make it harder to use the Galaxy Note 7 to get them to return it. Despite all of that, a new report shows that there are still quite a few Galaxy Note 7s in active duty, apparently there are more Galaxy Note 7s still out there than there are LG V20s.

The report from app research firm Apteligent gets its data from devices that check in with the company’s analytics. What this means is that these Galaxy Note 7 handsets are actively being used even though that’s something Samsung has been advising customers against since the past few months.

Samsung has been trying to make one last push by working with carriers in some markets to cut network access to the Galaxy Note 7 and reduce the battery charge limit to 30 percent. It’s also releasing a software update in the United States that will remotely brick the device. The company will certainly be hoping that these measures do the trick and people stop holding on to their Galaxy Note 7s, as unlikely as that may seem.


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