Samsung Pay will be available by default on almost all Samsung phones starting next year

Samsung has been working hard this year to expand Samsung Pay to additional markets across the globe. However, only a limited number of its smartphones have support for the mobile payments system. That’s going to change in the near future. A new report out of South Korea suggests that Samsung is going to pre-install Samsung Pay on almost all of its smartphones starting next year. The report also claims that the company will expand Samsung Pay to Android devices from other manufacturers by releasing a standalone app on the Play Store.

“Most Samsung smartphones scheduled to be released next year will be fitted with Samsung Pay,” local media reports quote a company official as saying. What this means is that the company is going to bring fingerprint sensors to many of its mid-range lineups as well and possibly some low-end smartphones as well. Samsung Pay doesn’t function without a fingerprint sensor so if it’s really going to be available by default on almost all of the company’s smartphones, we can expect upcoming models to feature fingerprint scanners.

Head of Samsung’s mobile division Koh Dong-jin said during a press meeting earlier this year that Samsung’s mid-range and low-end smartphones could feature fingerprint scanners in the near future as production costs for this component come down. Recent reports suggest that Samsung might even start making its own fingerprint scanners for low-end and mid-range devices.

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