Samsung Cloud will arrive on PC next year


Last updated: December 14th, 2016 at 18:04 UTC+02:00

Samsung introduced the Samsung Cloud storage service earlier this year with the Galaxy Note 7. The service provides Samsung device users with a backup and restoration option that works without any USB cables. The service backs up native apps like Calendar, Notes and Contacts continuously as well as some third-party apps. This enables users to basically pick up where they left off on an old device. Users get 15GB of free cloud storage as well for their personal files and can purchase more if they have the need for it.

The only caveat with this service is that it’s limited to Samsung’s smartphones at this point in time. A member of the Galaxy Beta Program suggested to Samsung that the cloud service should be made available on PCs as well so that users can access their files and documents on their computers.

Samsung responded by saying that the Samsung Cloud team is in “deep consideration” on bringing this service to the web, adding that users will be able to view and manage their data on the web “once we open Samsung Cloud web service next year.” We don’t know when Samsung Cloud will go live on the web next year but at least it has confirmed that this is going to happen in 2017.


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