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Latest update will enable Gear S3 owners to use Samsung Pay with non-Samsung devices

We reported last week when Samsung confirmed that it will be possible to use Samsung Pay on Gear S3 even when the smartwatch is paired with a non-Samsung device. That device just needs to be on Android 4.4 or later firmware for the mobile payments service to function. The official Twitter account for the service has confirmed that Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 can be used with non-Samsung devices starting today.

It has also been confirmed via Twitter that a new update for the Gear Manager app is going to be sent out today which will enable users to make payments on the go with Samsung Pay on Gear S3 even if the smartwatch is paired with a non-Samsung smartphone. Users need to update Gear Manager on their device in order to take advantage of this feature. The Gear S3 has only been out for a couple of weeks but you can find some pretty great deals on it online as part of the Black Friday 2016 festivities. Samsung Pay is just one of the new features that Samsung’s latest smartwatch touts.


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A couple of weeks? I just barely got mine a few days ago on launch day!