Samsung says about 85 percent of Note 7s have been returned in the US

It has been about a month since the recall of Samsung’s explosive phablet, but not all devices have been turned in. Samsung states that about 85 percent of Note 7s have been returned in the United States, which means there are roughly 285,000 devices that have yet to be collected.

Determined to get back the remainder of the devices, Samsung plans to make the Note 7 almost unbearable to use. Through a software update, Samsung plans to have a recall message pop up every time an individual turns on the Note 7 screen. On top of that, the update will also prevent the phone from exceeding 60 percent in battery life which could also be a safety measure in preventing the phone from catching fire.

A similar update has already made its way around the world. Places such as Europe, South Korea, and Australia are already dealing with the 60 percent battery limitation. Carriers in New Zealand have disabled wireless connectivity which prevents the Note 7 from connecting to their networks.

In a statement, Samsung said “we remain focused on collecting the outstanding Galaxy Note 7 phones in the market.” Samsung hopes that the update will encourage people to return the remaining devices. Additionally, it seems that all US carriers are on board with pushing out this update.

If you’re someone still holding on to the Note 7, please take advantage of the incentives Samsung and the carriers have been offering and return your device immediately.

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