Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral

It was first rumored a couple of weeks back when an image of the Galaxy S7 edge’s shell was leaked in gorgeous Blue Coral color that the handset would soon be available in this color that was introduced with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Singapore later confirmed that the Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral will be released in the first week of November in Singapore but it didn’t release any images of the device. Samsung Taiwan released images as well last week when it confirmed that the handset would also be available in that country in the first week of November. Samsung proper has now made an official announcement for the Galaxy S7 edge in Blue Coral.

The company has confirmed that the sixth color edition of the Galaxy S7 edge is going to be available starting November 1 in selected markets across the globe. Precise availability details will be announced by wireless providers and regional Samsung offices in each market. Samsung says that the Blue Coral color follows this year’s color trends which are less vivid and more tranquil. “Inspired by nature, the color shimmers as if it is illuminated from the inside of the phone’s glass surface,” it adds.

Samsung has applied a contrasting gold tone hue to the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge’s frame which results in a two-tone combination that described as being “sophisticated.” Other than that, it’s still the same Galaxy S7 edge that we’ve all known and loved for months now. Aside from Blue Coral, the Galaxy S7 edge is already available in White Pearl, Silver Titanium, Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Pink Gold.


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I can have a blue note 7 and 7 edge