Samsung Galaxy On8 with Super AMOLED Full HD display teased by Indian retailer

Samsung has put a lot of focus on the budget smartphone segment in the Indian market this year. The company has launched a lot of phones that don’t break the bank – we’ve seen the Galaxy J5 (2016) and Galaxy J7 (2016) on the upper end of the budget spectrum, the Galaxy J2 (2016) at the lower end (yet still horribly overpriced), the 7-inch Galaxy J Max, and recently the Galaxy J5 Prime and the Galaxy J7 Prime. There was also a Galaxy J2 Pro with slightly better specs than the Galaxy J2 (2016), and the Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro. That’s a lot of devices, especially when you consider they have been launched in the span of just seven months, and Samsung is now gearing up to launch yet another budget smartphone to woo Indian consumers.

Indian retailer Flipkart is teasing a new Galaxy On handset; the teaser doesn’t give away the actual name of the device, but Flipkart’s page for its upcoming Big Billion Days sales event reveals it to be the Galaxy On8. The Galaxy On series, launched in India last year, was Samsung’s attempt to compete with the online-only sales model followed by Chinese manufacturers. Samsung differentiated the Galaxy On5 and On7 from the Galaxy J lineup by putting LCD displays on the former, but it looks like that differentiation is no more as the Galaxy On8 has a Full HD AMOLED display. The phone also seems to have a metallic rim that looks similar to what we saw on the 2016 iterations of the Galaxy J 5 and J7.

No other specs have been listed by Flipkart, and given how confusing Samsung’s affordable smartphone lineup has become, we don’t feel like guessing what features the Galaxy On8 will offer. A larger battery should be part of the package though, since the On series is aimed at those who wish to stay online all day. Flipkart’s sale will start on October 2nd and last up to October 6th, and the Galaxy On8 will probably be announced around the same time.




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Almost same specs of my Note 3 but still no update waiting. Now I have my new S7 edge because I cannot wait for the Note 7 and I’m doubted it will regain the lost reputation of that phone. Now I’m worried for my S7 edge for the new battery incident.


So please when is Samsung s4 going to get the marshmallow update OTA