Galaxy C9 appears on import tracker with a 6-inch display

Samsung has reportedly been working on a new Galaxy C series smartphone codenamed ‘Amy’ for a while now. The handset first surfaced a little over a month ago when it was spotted in Indian import tracker Zauba bearing the moniker Galaxy C9 (SM-C9000), and now a few more samples of the device have been brought into the country for testing purposes.

If information provided in the documentation is anything to go by, the Galaxy C9 will sport a 6-inch display. These latest models are 0.3-inches larger than the variants that passed through Zauba last month, which leads us to believe that they were merely early prototypes and these are the final versions that will hit the shelves.

You’ve probably noticed the handset carries a price tag of $225 in the listing. It’s important to note, however, that the final price is likely to be quite a bit more than that seeing as the three-month-old Galaxy C7 retails for approximately $280.

Image 2016-09-21 at 7.40.17 AM

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