Customers in the US are unable to exchange Galaxy Note 7 units purchased from

If you’re in the United States and you purchased your Galaxy Note 7 from a retailer or carrier then it’s very easy to exchange your unit for a new one. The company has already provided replacement inventory and retailers are handing them out to customers who have turned in their handsets for a replacement. However, it’s not that easy if you purchased the handset from

An exchange program for customers who bought the flagship from isn’t up and running yet because shipping partners are not working with Samsung on this. Both FedEx and UPS have refused to ship Galaxy Note 7 units with faulty batteries back to Samsung as they are a potential fire hazard and the company won’t process an exchange unless it receives the old unit first.

Samsung confirmed to a customer who purchased their handset from the company’s website that “At this time due to FedEx and UPS refusing to transport the packages there’s no exchange program.” There’s still hope, though. Samsung says that a new program will be introduced for these customers instead of the Return/Refund system that’s being implemented across the globe. This new system is said to go live in the coming days so further details will be available later this week.

Until the system goes live, the only solution customers who purchased the handset from have is to manually return their phone for a refund and purchase a new one when replacement inventory arrives. However, since this is not part of the official exchange program customers won’t get a loaner device. Samsung does say that it has found a private shipping company that’s willing to ship the handsets so the new exchange program for these customers should go live in the near future.

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