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Oculus adds achievements to Gear VR games

Achievements are a great way to ensures that players don’t give up on your game after some time. Players are awarded virtual trophies for completing challenges in the game and they can compete against their friends or with players across the globe to see who can master the game to bag the most trophies. This concept has been around for over a decade and already exists on all major gaming platforms including mobile so it’s great to see that Oculus is finally bringing it to games for the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Achievements will initially be available on hitman Go, Anshar Wars 2, and Minecraft as more developers will add them in the weeks to come. Players will be able to see which achievements their friends have unlocked by default but new privacy settings will be there to enable people to not share that information if they don’t want to. All users will receive a new update over-the-air in the next couple of weeks to enable achievements on the Gear VR.


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