Samsung has stopped airing Galaxy Note 7 commercials on TV

With all the bad press Samsung has been getting recently you would expect the company to go on a marketing blitz to reassure its customers and entice more people to purchase its products. It isn’t exactly doing that at the moment if the Galaxy Note 7 is considered. It turns out that Samsung has stopped airing Galaxy Note 7 commercials on TV even on home turf in South Korea, you can expect this to be the case in other markets as well.

One of the reasons why it may have stopped airing commercials for its new flagship smartphone is that sales of the Galaxy Note 7 have been suspended for over a week now. Samsung will not be resuming sales across the globe until it has enough inventory to replace all Galaxy Note 7 units that have been already shipped, some expect that sales might not be resumed until next month. It doesn’t make sense to air commercials for a product that you’re not currently selling.

KBS, MBC and SBS are the three top broadcasting stations in South Korea and on Samsung’s request, they have stopped airing commercials of the Galaxy Note 7. The ad slots Samsung had already purchased are now being used to run commercials for its other products like TVs and refrigerators.

Samsung poured a lot of time and resources into developing a big marketing campaign for the Galaxy Note 7 before the handset was launched and it’s now having to pull it due to the recall. We can expect Samsung to go on a marketing blitz once the recall is done with, but some argue that the damage to the Galaxy Note 7’s image is permanent, so Samsung would be better off by launching the Galaxy S8 earlier than schedule.

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