[Update: Not working] Here’s the site where you can check if your Galaxy Note 7 needs exchanging

Update: It looks like the IMEI checker might have been a test thing and is no longer accessible (the link now redirects you to Samsung’s support page). According to our readers, the IMEI checker wasn’t very accurate either. Oh well, this isn’t such a bad thing considering every Note 7 outside China is affected and has to be replaced, IMEI checker or not.

Original story:

Samsung has been working hard on replacing all of the Galaxy Note 7’s out in the wild following the discovery of a major battery issue that has resulted in more than 70 cases of the device burning up and exploding. Samsung had launched an IMEI check process for Note 7’s in Hong Kong and China to help people detect if their device is a ticking time bomb, and the company has now launched a website for the same for all consumers of the Galaxy Note 7.

The link below will take you to that website, where you can enter your Galaxy Note 7’s IMEI to see if it is “in the list of affected devices.” Considering every Note 7 sold outside the Chinese market has the faulty battery, this IMEI check is probably just Samsung’s way of giving users an official confirmation that they should turn in their phone as soon as humanly possible. The Korean giant has refuted claims that it would be remotely disabling devices on its own after a few days, so make sure to call up your retailer or carrier right away, ask for a replacement, and also spread the news to your friends and loved ones to make sure the information gets around.

Oh, and don’t forget to shut down your Note 7 once you’re done.

Check your Galaxy Note 7’s IMEI here

Note: You can check your device’s IMEI by entering *#06# in the dialer, or by heading into the Settings » About device » Status menu and looking under the IMEI tab. The IMEI will also be listed on the back of your device, although based on your phone’s color this text might be hard to make out. 

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