Galaxy Note 7 remote deactivation reports refuted by Samsung

Samsung is now urging all Galaxy Note 7 owners to power down their devices and participate in the company’s exchange program as reports about the Galaxy Note 7 continue to come in even though the recall has been announced. It’s certainly in the company’s best interest to ensure that it replaces all Galaxy Note 7 units before someone seriously gets injured, or worse. A recent report suggested that for this purpose, Samsung will remotely deactivate all Galaxy Note 7 units after September 30 so that owners are compelled to get their unit replacement with a safe one. The company has refuted these reports.

The Galaxy Note 7 remote deactivation news came from a Redditor who was apparently told by a Samsung representative over the phone that the company will remotely deactivate units that need to be turned in. Samsung refutes the report, adding that it has not said anything about remotely deactivating faulty Galaxy Note 7 units after September 30. The company says that it will share all official guidance related to the Galaxy Note 7 recall on its website.

It’s not uncommon for inaccurate information to spread in a story that’s rapidly gaining steam as this one and almost everyone appears to have an opinion about it. Always be sure to check the company’s official sources to ensure that you are abreast of the latest developments so that you are not misled by rumors and unsubstantiated reports.

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