Galaxy Note 7 recall does not affect customers in China

An issue with the Galaxy Note 7’s battery cell has forced Samsung to recall millions of Galaxy Note 7 units shipped since the handset was launched on August 19. Samsung will work with its carrier and retail partners to offer voluntary replacement of all units while customers also have the option to get a full refund or exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. Customers have obviously been concerned following reports of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery exploding but the company says that customers in China have nothing to worry about.

Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 7 one week after it was shipped in other markets. It was announced on August 26 and released on September 1. Despite rumors to the contrary, China got the same 4GB RAM version of the Galaxy Note 7. A statement from Samsung China has confirmed that the inventory sent for customers in China uses batteries from a different supplier which is why the Galaxy Note 7 recall does not affect customers in the People’s Republic. Customers elsewhere have not been that lucky so they will either have to get a replacement or a refund, depending on how they feel about the Galaxy Note 7 now that the issue has been acknowledged and a recall has been issued.

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