Samsung SDI says no indication of its batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 being faulty

You might have read several reports recently of the Galaxy Note 7′s battery exploding while the handset was being charged. Even though Samsung didn’t say this itself, some believe the fact that it has delayed Galaxy Note 7 shipments for additional tests goes to show that the company is concerned about this as well. Samsung has only said that the Galaxy Note 7 shipments are being delayed so that it can perform some additional tests.

Samsung is counting on the Galaxy Note 7 to continue the great sales momentum it has got going with the Galaxy S7 series into the second half of this year. It’s believed to have sold over 500,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 already and any major problems with the handset could prove very costly for the company. The market has responded to the uncertainty by pushing’s Samsung’s stock price to two-week lows even though it has recently been soaring to new heights primarily on the back of the performance of its mobile business. Samsung has not confirmed the markets in which shipments have been delayed but local reports out of South Korea suggest that all major carriers – SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus Corp – are affected by these delays.

Samsung SDI, a sister company of Samsung Electronics and one of the battery suppliers for the Galaxy Note 7, has said that it has received no information to suggest that the batteries it supplies for the Galaxy Note 7 are faulty. There’s always the possibility that it might not be a major issue after all. Either the issues could be limited to a particular batch of units or third-party chargers were involved in the incidents where the Galaxy Note 7′s battery exploded. There’s no conclusive evidence available to the public right now to say with certainty what caused the batteries inside those units to explode.


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9 months 23 days ago

But oddly enough, check news … Samsung withdrew 400000 units for quality issues …

9 months 23 days ago

Hopefully those were from defective 3rd party batteries.

9 months 24 days ago

Color me sceptical but I find the timing of these rumours/reports being so close to the Apple launch very convenient especially since iPhone sales have declined so much..

I have the Note 7 and I really like it – even though there are some real issues with it. As an example the iris scanner is awesome but inconsistent and it glitches. It will stop working and display the message “device is being held too close or the proximity sensor is dirty”. I had this occur when I picked up the phone on launch day – after a few hours that message popped up and nothing I did would get it working again. Samsung support had me go into recovery and clear the cache to finally fix it. Now I get that message every other day but at least rebooting the phone now clears the error for a short period of time.

Overall I feel that the Note 7 is an awesome phone and is worth the investment.

9 months 24 days ago

I really want to see if more note 7 explode thats gonna be a problem.
Almost a month ago when had note 7 in my hand i really wanted to change for my s7 edge but now after many complaints, screen scratches easily , battery is worse than s7 edge and now explode.
That’s many problems.

9 months 24 days ago

1) Post picture of crispy Note 7 (or any other major new launch), ensure blow torch is out of shot.
2) Wait for Samsung stock to fall to a two-week low.
3) Buy Samsung stock
4) Bide your time, sell stock a few months later after the story is forgotten and stock price has bounced back.

9 months 22 days ago

you sir are a genius… did you actually buy that stock?

9 months 24 days ago

Just to summarize what the media are writing about Note 7 (so far):
* it explodes for no reason
* the screen and backside get scratched by just looking at the phone
* complaints that Samsung’s latest phones are underperforming

That proves it. Note 4 is _still_ the best phone on planet earth.

9 months 23 days ago

I love the spirit of this post! It doesn’t refer to tech spec s, it is a hope that the Note 8 will return the rest of what was lost with the S6 and note 5. At least Return the battery and this proud Note 4 owner will consider if the monthly updates have become reliable enough to stay with Samsung….. 2 year contracts mean up to 3 years after launch needs security updates.

9 months 24 days ago

What else would they say? They would stand to lose millions if they said anything different.

9 months 24 days ago

And they would stand to lose a Billion more in lawsuit if they dont own up to it. That is why tech companies have always admitted their mistake.

As far as I am concerned, exploding batteries happens all the time. It could be the consumers’ fault for using a faulty wire for all we know. So unless further reporting shows differently, dont see a problem

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