[Poll] How about that Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7?

For the last three flagship launches, Samsung chose to stick with black, white, gold and silver color options, with an exclusive color or two thrown in for specific markets. These colors all look great on the phones’ glass builds, but we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t have wanted a few other options as well. In fact, we would have been happy if Samsung had made sure each of those four colors was available in every market, but it was sadly not the case.

For the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung seems to have come down to just three colors, but the Korean giant has also added a nice new Blue Coral option. Unlike that tacky and in-your-face Electric Blue Galaxy S5, Blue Coral looks very understated and a great alternative to black and silver, the other two paint jobs the Note 7 will get. Of course, it remains to be seen if the blue Note 7 will be easily available in most regions, but if you had the option, would you be picking up the Blue Coral variant?

You know the drill. Let us know through the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts down in the comments section!

How about that Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Colors

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