Samsung Cloud Together could be a new cloud storage service for smartphones and tablets

Samsung has filed for a new trademark in the European Union which suggests that the company could soon introduce a new cloud storage service for its smartphones and tablets. It has filed a trademark for “Samsung Cloud Together” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, it has mentioned electronic storage of data, images, photos, videos, audios and more under the list of services that this provides.

From the looks of it, Samsung Cloud Together is going to be an iCloud-like service which lets Samsung smartphone and tablet users to easily upload their files to the cloud and access them across multiple Samsung devices. It’s unclear at this point in time how much storage the company could potentially offer for free to Cloud Together users and how much it will charge for greater storage options. Samsung has an event scheduled for August 2 where it’s going to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 but it can’t be said for sure right now if Cloud Together is going to be introduced alongside the company’s upcoming flagship handset.

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