‘A Day with AMOLED’ shows just how better AMOLED is than LCD

There was a time when Samsung was heavily invested in LCD technology but it has moved on since then. The company now favors AMOLED displays for its devices and is ramping up production to meet its own demand as well as demand from companies that source displays from Samsung. “A Day with AMOLED” is a short video published online by Samsung Display which shows just how better this display technology is than LCD.

The short video walks us through three different times of day – Color of Noon, Shape of Sunset and Depth of Night – and uses vibrant imagery to showcase the differences between LCD and AMOLED. The latter is certainly better with visibly sharper images, better color reproduction and an overall better viewing experience. It goes without saying that Samsung is going to stick with AMOLED displays for some time now, the company has started converting some old LCD production lines to OLED lines, and it was even reported recently that Samsung Display has uncoupled its LCD business from the OLED business because it’s seeking an exit from LCD though the report was denied by the company.

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