Leaked front panel of the Galaxy Note 7 points at iris scanner

We have told you time and again that the Galaxy Note 7 is going to feature an iris scanner. Every rumor about the handset’s specification new mentions the same and now we’re seeing an allegedly leaked front panel of the Galaxy Note 7 which reiterates that the upcoming flagship is going to feature iris scanning technology. The panel also reiterates that the Galaxy Note 7 is going to have a 5.8-inch dual-edge display.

If you compare both front panels you can see that the alleged Galaxy Note 7 has additional cutouts above the display that can’t be seen on the Galaxy Note 5 panel. That’s where the iris scanner is going to be position so it lines up nicely with everything we have been hearing about it. From the looks of it, the Galaxy Note 7 is definitely going to be the first consumer handset from Samsung that features iris recognition technology and we can certainly expect the technology to trickle down to the company’s other smartphones in the future.

galaxy-note-7-front-panel-1 galaxy-note-7-front-panel-2

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