Video Experts from ARRI preferred Samsung’s Quantum Dot SUHD TVs


Last updated: June 7th, 2016 at 13:03 UTC+01:00

Samsung recently displayed its latest Quantum Dot SUHD TVs at the Korean International Broadcast, Audio, and Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA) 2016 that was held in Seoul from May 24-27. ARRI, a German firm that’s famous for making great cameras and lighting equipment, preferred Samsung’s SUHD TVs to display clarity of its newest cameras.

ARRI chose SUHD TVs to showcase performance of its high-end cinema-grade cameras as they are HDR compatible. Samsung’s HDR TVs can show bright parts of the images brighter (up to 1000 nits) and the dark areas darker, maximizing visual effects by adjusting the contrasts in brightness. It is also being reported that the South Korean TV giant may release next-generation QLED TVs in two years.

It was a chronic problem in the video industry since the available displays often failed to reveal what was filmed through high-end cameras,” said Kim Tae-Jung, Business Development Manager, ARRI Asia. “Since quality video content is our priority, we choose the Quantum Dot SUHD TV (for our displays at the exhibit),” said Paul Ivan, Managing Director of ARRI Asia. “I am confident that the KOBA 2016 visitors must have felt the unmatched performance of the ARRI cameras through the Quantum Dot SUHD TV.

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