Virtual Reality

4K-compatible Gear VR might be a reality in the future

Samsung has been showcasing its next-generation display technology at the Display Week conference in San Francisco. This is where we saw the company’s foldable display in action and it’s also where Samsung has showcased a 4K display for VR, hinting at the possibility that a 4K-compatible Gear VR headset could be a possibility at some point in the future.

Samsung’s High Resolution for VR display measures 5.5-inch and has a 4K 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution at 806ppi. The display panel was showcased outside of the headset and Samsung representatives were quick to point out that it’s a “prototype.” Headsets like the Gear VR are popular because they offer an affordable entry point into the world of virtual reality. It goes without saying that at some point down the road handsets will come with 4K displays enabling 4K virtual reality experiences, and Samsung will most likely be ready when that time comes.


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