Possible European release date and adjusted pricing for Gear 360 surface

When Samsung introduced the Gear 360 camera, it mentioned a release in the second quarter of this year, and a European price of €420. Now, a Dutch retailer is providing a more precise shipping date, and Samsung itself seems to have changed its mind about the device’s price tag.

It is the online retailer that isn’t shy about announcing a May 22nd shipping date for the Gear 360, which, if correct, could well turn out to be comparable in other European countries. Even more interesting is the fact that Samsung’s Dutch store now lists the device with a €349.99 price tag, which is significantly lower than the €419 originally communicated. And unlike the above-mentioned release date, Samsung has indeed confirmed this price drop.

The Gear 360 sports two 15 megapixel fisheye lenses, enabling it to capture 360-degree 4K UHD video or 30-megapixel photos. Though you can, of course, enjoy these on your phone, it is the Gear VR that is most suited for consumption of content captured with the Gear 360.

So, there we have it. The Gear 360 will be shipping in Europe for €349.99, and though not certain, we wouldn’t be surprised if it does so sometime in late May. We’ll make sure to get our hands on one so we can share our full 360-degree review of the camera.

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