Samsung takes us back to its history of innovations in a new video

Samsung has decided to take a trip down memory lane in order to give us a brief glimpse of what it has achieved in the mobile industry so far. In a new video titled “Unpacking History”, the company shows us how its first mobile device came to existence. The video ends with Samsung’s dual edge display-toting Galaxy S6 edge, which eventually finds itself inside a Gear VR headset, thus rounding off what we’ve seen from Samsung in the recent past.

The video is just 1:30 in duration, but it tells us a lot about what the Korean manufacturer has achieved over the last two decades or so. The company ends the video with the words “Who knows where progress will take us”, which is a positive assessment of what’s to come in the future. There’s some buzz about the Galaxy S7 right now, which makes the timing of this video near perfect.


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What the watch at 1:12 with the red time?


Oh, very cool! But… where is the marshmallow update? haha