Chat Hub app for Gear S2 lets you send messages right from the watch

We recently reported on an upcoming app named Chat Hub for the Gear S2 that lets you start messaging conversations right from the watch without needing a notification for a message sent by one of your friends. That app is now available on the Gear Apps store; it comes from the same developer who gave us the Task S2 app and is frankly a nice addition to the store for those who spend a lot of time texting and chatting with their friends.

To remind you of why this app is so nice: With Chat Hub, you can think of your smartwatch as your smartphone itself and send messages to your friends via an array of social network apps (Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and more are included), without touching your actual smartphone. It gets around a major limitation of smartwatches – these watches are simply extensions of your smartphones, so by default you can only reply to messages sent by your friends after a notification arrives on your wrist. You can either type in manual messages, or select from predefined ones for quick replies.

Chat Hub doesn’t require you to log in to any messaging app from the watch itself, so all you need to do is install Chat Hub from the Gear Apps store and its companion app from the Play Store on your phone to get going. If you’re into a lot of chatting, don’t forget you can pin the app to your Gear S2’s home button for instant access at all times from the Settings » Double Press Home Key option in the Samsung Gear app on your phone.


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