Samsung preserving its glory in the low-end segment of the smartphone market in South Korea

Latest data released by SK Telecom shows that in South Korea’s smartphone market the 64GB iPhone 6S is the top pick in the premium segment with the 16GB version of this very handset in second place. Only the 64GB Galaxy Note 5 came in third place with a 13.8% market share. It’s a similar story in the mid-range segment of the market where the Nexus 6P dominates with 34.6% market share. Samsung figured in fourth place with the Galaxy A5 that holds 9.7% of the mid-range segment.

Things are a bit different in the low-end segment where the Galaxy Folder 3G reigned supreme with 24.8% market share. The Galaxy J5 comes second with 18.5% and the Galaxy Grand Max in third with 15.8%. Much has already been written about the troubles that Samsung faces particularly in the high-end segment where the iPhone continue to dominate. Many analysts are of the view that Samsung will increasingly focus on low-end as well as robust mid-range handsets now to improve the fortunes of its mobile division, while making sure that it continues to maintain a presence in the high-end segment.


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